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Disruptive Designs for Interbody Cages
FLEX Cages : Soft & Compliant Cages Concepts

Flex Compliant Cage

Flex Compliant Cage TLIF

Wolff's Cages (Extract)
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  • softened support to the endplates

  •                             with irregular endplate anatomy

  • classic shapes

  • standard delivery

  • promotion of bone fusion

Wolff's Conformity Cages
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Flexible features for dampening structures

Classic Flex Cage Designs

Flexible or Compliant  Expandable Cages

DUO  2D Expandable Compliant Cage

ORIGAMI & WRAP  Expandable Compliant Cages

To view the deployment mechanism, 

Medical devices

Wolff cage

interbody cage

Spinal implant

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