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Our Company

Twist Technologies holds intellectual property on expandable cages and on other novel spinal interbody cages designs to simplify the delivery of longer cages with higher lordotic angles.

Our Business

We grant licenses to commercial partners on our intellectual property

Our Designs

The Origami and Twist designs are investigational and are not approved for commercial use

Patents & Applications

Granted patents: US 9,289,314; US 9,421,114; US 11,103,361; US 11,234,834

Patents pending:

  • TWIST Patent Family : US 17/320,045; US 17/557,419

  • 1st ORIGAMI Patent Family :

  • 2nd ORIGAMI Patent Family :

  • 3rd ORIGAMI Patent Family :

US 18/558,204


Twist   Cage is a trademark owned by Twist Technologies

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Twist Technologies Sàrl
1270 Trélex, Switzerland

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